Rebelling Against Fake Fitness at RebelFit NH

I checked in at RebelFit NH this week to find an old-school style gym with real people working hard, lifting free weights and building strength. The "rebellion" is not so much against the low lights and loud music but the fact that the "fluff and frill" in many "gyms" can lull folks into thinking they are doing the right thing to achieve fitness when, in fact, they are never really reaching a goal.  You can walk on a treadmill for a hundred miles and that gets you about 100 miles away from achieving true fitness.

I talked with a few of the members at RebelFit NH who spoke about the community of good people at the gym and their fondness for the knowledgeable owner/trainer, Sean Clark. Sean knows what motivates people and what can sink their spirits.  He knows about the intimidation, discouragement and boredom of walking into a gym by yourself and he promises success to anyone willing to truly commit to their goals.  

I have to tell you this gym is not for everybody.  If you are looking for a quick fix or a magic solution for losing weight this is not your place and Sean will be the first to tell you to come back when you are ready. Actually, there is no place that can give you a magic solution but there are plenty of places that sell you the quick fix and then fail to deliver. RebelFit NH will stand behind you and your goals and knows the truth:  We all have to show up and do the work, and do the right work.  It's not easy, but it's definitely not hard and you don't have to lift that heavy tire in the logo, I promise.  RebelFit NH will meet you where you are at today and bring you to levels beyond where you thought you could go.  I asked Sean who is favorite clients are and he said, "People who are deconditioned and are truly committed to getting back into shape."  That could be you.  Check it out near Exit 7 off Route 3 in Nashua, not far from Whole Foods and Aldi and next to Chipotle.